All foam-filled products manufactured by Apple Athletic Products are filled with one of the following types of quality foam: polyurethane and/or polyethylene.

*Please see individual product description for foam specifications

Polyurethane foam is a softer foam option. It is known for having a cushioning ability. It is an open cell type of foam with a range of firmness options. Polyurethane foams are generally used in products that require high absorption as air can pass through the foam. This allows the foam to offer a high shock absorbance and displace energy over a larger area. Landing mats, foam shapes, wall pads and low impact folding mats are just some of the products that use polyurethane foam.

I.F.D. (Indentation Force Deflection), also called I.L.D. (Impression Load Deflection), is the process to measure the softness or firmness of polyurethane foam. Our range of polyurethane foam is from 20 – 110 I.F.D./I.L.D. Generally speaking, the lower the number (20), the softer the foam. The higher the number (110), the firmer the foam. Apple Athletic Products uses various foams within these parameters.

Closed cell/cross linked polyethylene foam has superior shock absorbing qualities for impact activities. This type of foam is noted for its durability and long service life. This foam is water resistant and firm when compared to polyurethane foam. It is commonly used in matting that requires a rigid surface for direct impact absorption in applications such as gymnastics, martial arts, use of force and wrestling. Its impact absorption provides a surface that reduces the chance of injury to ankles or wrists. Apple Athletic Products uses cross linked polyethylene foam that is 2.0 lbs. per cu. ft. density.

Our standard folding mats are made 3 ways: with no Velcro (NV), with 2” Velcro ends only (V2S) or Velcro four sides (V4S). The Velcro allows for a variety of set-ups for the mats attaching together.

FNV = no attachments

V2S = ends attach together to make a long runway only

V4S = all sides attach together to create a large surface area

Our vinyl is:

-18 oz. PVC vinyl fabric

-Latex free

-Lead free

-Phthalate free

-Mildew and rot resistant

-UV resistant

-Overall weight 18 oz. per square yard

-Weave count 20/20

-Tensile 444/441

-Adhesion 17 lbs/2”

-Tongue tear 81 x 83 lbs/inch

-Low cold crack -40 degrees Celsius

More special features:

  1. California Bill 1108 compliant meeting less than 0.1% phthalates
  2. Lead free test ASTM 1613
  3. FR to NFPA 701 USA/CPAI 84 Section (2 second extinguish)
  4. Fire Retardant to CAN/ULCS 109
  5. Fire Retardant to ASTM E84 Class A

We apologize, we do not carry stock. All of our products are made to order.

Most of our products are available in a wide variety of colours: Cobalt Royal Blue, Royal Blue 2, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Red, Burgundy, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, White, Grey, Tan, Brown and Black. (See View Our Colours section.) Please specify colour when ordering.

*As some of our products are only available in specific colour combinations, it is best to see the individual product description and specification for colour availability.

Terms of payment are Net 30 days to approved accounts. Interest is charged on all overdue accounts. All other orders must be prepaid to Apple Athletic Products (1995) Inc. before production begins. Some orders may be given the terms of 50% advance payment, 50% upon completion and delivery. This will be determined by Apple Athletic Products (1995) Inc. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Interac.

  • Freight costs are the responsibility of the customer. Shipment will be made by the most economical method as determined by Apple Athletic Products (1995) Inc. unless otherwise arranged.
  • Apple Athletic Products (1995) Inc. will not accept responsibility for inability to ship any order caused by circumstances beyond our immediate control.
  • Do not sign for delivered product unless all packages are inspected upon arrival. Claims cannot be made once signed by the customer. Goods damaged in transit are the responsibility of the carrier. We will, of course, provide any assistance in filing claims for loss or damage once reported.

All Apple Athletic products are guaranteed for a period of at least one (1) year from date of purchase (please see individual products for extended warranties). Warranty repairs include faulty workmanship and defective materials (stitching, seams, upholstery lines) when used under normal conditions. This does not include tears, rips or punctures in vinyl or foam caused by sharp objects/misuse.

  • Do not use any products containing Ammonia, Bleach or similar chemicals. These products ruin the finished surface of the vinyl and will damage the colour. 
  • To clean, use a mild disinfectant cleaner (of your choice) diluted with water to wipe down the mats.
  • To avoid soap residue on the mats, wipe again with cloth rinsed in clear water.
  • Avoid “soaking” the mats. It is not necessary to use excessive amounts of liquid to wipe the mats.
  • If needed, wipe the mats with a dry cloth to avoid excess water.