In the opinion of many school boards in Ontario, the greatest potential liability is in the area of Athletics, such as Gymnastic, Track and Field, Wrestling, Volleyball or Basketball programs.

Apple Athletic Products has for some time maintained a high industry profile in the area of 'Risk Management'. In co-operation with school boards, an enviable expertise has been developed in helping reduce the exposure to risk from these programs.

Concerns about the environment, cost factors and budget restraints have brought to the forefront the necessity to REFURBISH AND REBUILD. We have developed a RE-PROCESSING PROCEDURE, for recycling existing mats and other protective padding products. This service has been received with great enthusiasm by many boards in Ontario, all of whom are happy to attest to the quality and personal service which is a hallmark of Apple Athletics.

Upon request from a school or school board official, we would be happy to make a personal on site assessment of Athletic Mats, Padding etc., and submit written recommendations as to condition, and if necessary , the cost of bringing them up to new standards. Call for further details.


Request for Inspection and Assessment
In order to initiate an inspection and assessment, an official Purchase Order is required from the School or School Board.

Arrangements for Inspection
School equipment will only be inspected in the presence of, or with the approval of the Principal or Physical Education Department Head.
3: Appointments for inspection will be arranged and confirmed with the school officials.

Assessment Report Information
Assessment reports will include the following: Assessed condition of the interior and exterior sections of products inspected, i.e. vinyl covers and foam interior of mats, padding, pits etc.
5: An assessment of the Safety Condition relative to current safety standards.
6: Recommendations on replacement or repair of any substandard items.
7: Recommendations on installed or required safety padding.

Procedure after Assessment Report
If a decision is made to Refurbish some items of equipment as a result of the Assessment Report, these items will be picked up at their location at a negotiated fee, and will be returned under the protection of a NEW MAT WARRANTY. Please call for further information.

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